Cat Ear Headphones or Earphones? Follow The Guide !

Want to (you) have fun? Audio products such as cat ear headphones or cat ear headphones are used on a daily basis, and this is not about to stop as music is present in our lives. Follow the guide to find out more and choose the model that best suits your needs.

What are the different types of cat ear headphones and earphones ?

Classic earpieces

This is the classic earphones that are placed in the ear. These are placed on the edge of the external auditory canal, which means that external noise isolation is usually not optimal . The advantage of this type of cat ear headphones is without a doubt their price: the most affordable .


As the name implies, these cat ear headphones enter the ear canal . Small and discreet, they invade the market and offer better sound isolation and excellent audio fidelity compared to conventional earpieces. The intrans are equipped with silicone or rubber tips, hence their ability to isolate much better than conventional cat ear headphones or even some cat ear headphones .

The contours of ears

These are equipped with flexible ear cups , which keep them perfectly in place. This type of product is ideal for athletes who want to have a comfortable use and especially cat ear headphones that do not move . Note that the ear loop earphones are mostly equipped with earbud.

head phone

The cat ear headphones with hoop

This is the traditional cat ear headphones , to place on the head via a hoop. There are supra-aural cat ear headphones that are placed on the ears and circum-aural cat ear headphones that completely cover the ears. The latter are the most imposing and much less nomadic . Circums are lighter and more easily transportable, especially when they are fordable.

Hats or headbands

Ideal for sport and winter . They have the distinction of having a dual function . Indeed, in addition to being audio products, they are made to keep your head warm during the winter and winter sports. The cat ear headphones are integrated into the lining of the cap / headband and are therefore absolutely not seen

What are the different types of connection ?

3.5mm Jack

This is the classic wired connection found in the majority of cases. Just plug the headphone jack connector or cat ear headphones into the audio input of the source (smartphone, computer, TV, tablet). This audio input is also called ” Headphone Jack ” in some cases, especially on TVs.


There is therefore a connection wireless which can be found on more and more models at present. The pairing procedure is very simple, just follow the instructions for use to put the Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth cat ear headphones in ” apparent ” mode and go to the Bluetooth menu of the audio source. Once the first connection is made, it will remain in memory.

 Are there other peculiarities to take into account?

  • The presence of control buttons: present on the cable or on the cat ear headphones directly, these buttons are intended to facilitate the “control” of your music.

In the majority of cases, when there are one or more control buttons, it is possible to:

Increase or decrease the volume.

Change audio track.

Pause or resume playback.

  • The presence of a microphone for the “hands-free” function: this option allows you to call without having to take out your smartphone. Unhook / hang up directly via a button is possible and the integration of a microphone on the cat ear headphones/ earphones allows you to talk freely with the other person.
  • Active noise cancellation: some cat ear headphones or earphones are equipped with a microphone that constantly analyzes external noises in order to emit a sound of the same nature but reversed and thus annihilate external noise.
  • Special sports models: these are generally sweat-resistant and can be cleaned with clean water. Whether you want a cat ear headphones, intras or ear studs, you will find the product you need. In general, these models are equipped with a wireless connection; much nicer not to be bothered by a cable during the sport session.

The design more and more present on this type of product

In addition to being audio products, cat ear headphones and earphones have become true fashion objects. Brands have understood and offer more and more products in terms of design: fun colors, original shape or the image of some great singers or DJs.

Partnerships with great sportsmen or stars are not lacking: this is the case with Beats, Bose, Sol Republic, etc.

With the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, the use of cat ear headphones or cat ear headphones has never been so important. But the choice is not always easy, so we must ask the right questions beforehand: