Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones

The Axent Wear Cat ear headphones are cost-effective and reliable; they have super bass and quality noise reduction, along with the super smooth cat ear speakers for the crystal clear sound to share with friends. The quality design of next-gen cat ear headphones by Axent Wear is available on Amazon and Brookstone for only $99.99 with free shipping and home delivery across the United States. The Axent Wear Cat ear headphones are sold in both wired and wireless versions along with the detachable cable that can reach anywhere in the room, a dedicated gaming mic to boom up the sound of your gaming experience.

Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones Review

The Axent Wear Cat ear headphone has everything from gaming to music; the fancy lights change to colors according to user mood. Party by sharing it to the friends or listen to the music privately by just placing the ear cushionson earlobes and get immersed in the serene or party music. The Axent Wear Cat ear headphones will save you a hundred dollars on spending a gaming headphone set.

Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones


The Axent Wear Cat ear headphone has an award-winning design and modern hardware used in it. Here are some of the pro features included in the Axent Wear Cat ear headphones by Brookstone.

  • The Axent Wear Cat ear headphones have volume control buttons to lower or amplify the sound.
  • The Axent Wear Cat ear headphones are USB rechargeable and can play uninterrupted music for 5 hours.
  • Ear cushions are comfortable and are used for noise reduction while listening privately to the music.
  • The speakers are located on the cat ears with the glowing lights.
  • The LED lights change colors with a timer placed onit;there are no buttons placed to it for changing
  • The sliding headphone technology enables it to fit every head.
  • The audio quality is immaculate; the frequency range is from 20 – 20 KHz.
  • The sound is crystal clear, both from headphones and speakers with the 32 Ohm impedance and 40mm drivers for headphones and 4 Ohm impedance and 32 mm drivers for cat ear speakers.

In the Box

In the box, you will find the following:

  • The shipping cost is zero. Also, the gift wrap is available for sending it to loved ones. You will find:Axent Wear Cat ear headphones
  • Gaming mic for hi-fi experience (detachable)
  • The detachable 3.5mm audio cable that can reach anywhere in the room.
  • The USB cable for charging
  • Hard protective silicon case

Pros and Cons


  • The cutting-edge over-ear cushioning technology makes the sound experience more isolated and free from external distortion.
  • The design is better than the previous models by Brookstone
  • The cat ear gives a fantastic look to the wearer; it performs adualfunction,i.e., from color changing LED lights to speakers.
  • There is a bonus accessory,i.e., a detachable gaming mic to experience the gaming to the next level.


  • The headphones have free LED light.
  • Only green color Axent Wear Cat ear headphones are available on Amazon and Brookstone.
  • There is no discount for multiple orders contrary to their competitors.